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Wednesday, January 17, 2018
March 1st - Burger Night
March 2nd - Fish Fry
March 6th - Bartenders Meeting
March 8th - Steak Subs
March 9th - Fish Fry
March 10th - Meatball Sliders
March 14th - March 18th - MMA State Conference
March 16th - Fish Fry
March 22nd - Sloppy Joes
March 23rd - Fish Fry
March 24th - Steak Bingo
March 30th - Fish Fry - Good Friday
March 31st - Pizza Night

April 3rd - Bartenders Meeting
April 5th - Soup & Sandwich Night
April 6th - Shuffleboard Tournament Night #1
April 6th - Soup Supper & Bake Sale
April 7th - Steak Bingo
April 7th - Steak Fry
April 12th - Steak Subs
April 13th - Shuffleboard Tournament Night #2
April 13th - Soup Supper & Bake Sale
April 14th - Installation of Officers
April 14th - Governors Ball/Anniversary Dinner
April 19th - Sloppy Joes
April 20th - Shuffleboard Tournament Night #3
April 20th - Soup Supper & Bake Sale
April 26th - Cook's Choice
April 28th - Pizza Night
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Administrator's Message
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Hoping this letter finds you in good health, its been almost a year since you’ve entrusted me as your Administrator. It has been a challenging new job but is made much easier by all of the support I’ve received from you the lodge members. That’s why everyone of you are as important to the success of our lodge as the next one is. As May closes in that means we are looking for the next group of volunteers to lead our lodge. Have you ever sat there and had ideas on how to take things to the next level? Well here’s an opportunity for you to take things into your own hands. Your lodge needs you, needs you to step forward and take on a officer position. Have a vote on the house committee take the lead on leading your lodge into the next chapter of our history. Our lodge has over 600 voices are you the next one to take us to the next level. No more waiting for someone else to do it remember change begins with the man in the mirror. Come in sign up to be on the ballot for April’s vote be a game changer, be the one who by helping with supporting our lodge with leadership. Which in turns supports Moosehaven, Mooseheart, local youth sports our fellow members in their time of need and our local community families who on occasion turn to us to help. Be that next leader that we need be that man in the mirror. The next thing is March MMA conference 15th – 18th we need everyone we can get to lend a hand. If your unsure how to get involved but very much want to call the 624 – 4988 # leave a message with phone# and we’ll call you and help you help us. Getting involved may be tough but not getting involved is not seeing how much fun you can have. We have lots of jobs so all help is welcomed it’s chaotic it’s crazy but it’s family fun Moose family fun so come and join us help out in any way and get an invitation to the wrap up party on the 24th. This party is for you the volunteers we’ll provide food and something to wash it down but this an exclusive party. For only those who give of their time and talents to this event will be allowed so that we have ample time to thank these individuals for their contributions. April’s big event is the party on the 14th registration at 5pm new officer installation at 6pm dinner at 7pm. There’s a program during the meal we will be honoring our veterans saying thank you to our outgoing officers and welcoming our incoming officers. Also we review our year and look forward to our next year this is also our lodge anniversary we would like to celebrate with you. We’re also looking to give out some awards every year we give out a lifetime achievement award one for the living and one for the departed both for men and women so if have someone in mind write up a story an why you believe these individuals are the winners. But we also give out silly awards so send those ideas what and who let us know. At the end of the night we honor those who’ve we lost this past moose year with a ceremony and floating candle lantern light vigil. Are you invited? YES you are if you’re a member your invited come celebrate with remember and honor your fellow members. No cost for the dinner we take free will donation for this dinner this is a fun night come join your family in a beautiful night To help with food quantity please try to RSVP to lodge2426@mooseunits.org

Thank You

Fraternally yours
Karl Eastman
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